Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sego is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit. As you may know we are constantly fundraising. I’m writing this to ask you to donate just 10 dollars to the Sego Art Center. In this economic time everyone is hurting. I wouldn’t be asking for this donation if I didn’t believe that Sego is a key element in Provo, not only now, but in the revitalization process that the city truly is going through. Recently Sego presented to the city council. We were warmly received, below is a few of the hard numbers and facts that we presented to them:

The Annual Sego Music Festival- 2009 will be Sego’s fourth Music Festival, 2008 had about 8K attendees- there were no police reports within the two festival days for the previous three years.

Sego Art Center- Opened in May 2008, exhibiting and educating the Provo Community about contemporary art. Quickly Sego became one of the most respected Visual Art Institutions in the State (City Weekly’s award for best new gallery).

Monthly attendance ranges between 600-1400, we are looking to have 10,000 visitors in our first year

In the past few months opening night attendance is between 380 and 940. This is compared to the Salt Lake City Art Center, with attendance recently struggling between 100-150 -on their opening receptions/Salt Lake City gallery stroll. (The Salt Lake City Art Center has a budget around 2 million dollars.)

Sego is run on 100% volunteer hours in the past 9 months we have amassed 11,000 total hours. Our operating Expenses for 2008 are less then $15,000 (funded by Grassroots Funding, Studio Space Rental, and Personnel out-of-pocket cash). We have a $0 marketing budget- all marketing is viral.

Our 5 year goal is to have: a paid, full-time Art Center staff, full community education programming, and finally -transition into a new facility- Possibly the Historic Carnegie Library, or similar building (within Downtown Provo).

As you can readily see, Sego is aggressively and very effectively promoting the arts on a barebones budget, through generous donations from people like you. Every dollar helps.

Please donate by following the links below.
Or if you would rather donate anonymously please visit our website

Thanks again for all that you do! We Hope to see you at Sego, either at gallery stroll, one of our artist lectures, one of our many other activities, or even as a volunteer or member.

Cheers -Conrad

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  1. We thought the performance piece during the downtown stroll last week was interesting, and certainly well attended. (Jeanne stayed outside of the curtains not willing to wade into the crowd) I went in and lasted as long as claustrophobia hadn't kicked in. Then I couldn't breath and had to leave!