Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hope this isnt too narcissistic of me but... Check this out!

This is from Square Magazine, taken down in the Sego Studios. And yes the picture to the right is me, but I am not the one painting it. I cant help it if other people think I'm that cool.

Below is the text of the article but check out the full issue online!

Conrad Nebeker
by Jamie Robinson
Over the past few years, the beautification of Provo’s Downtown has become the artistic brainchild of artist Conrad Nebeker because of his belief that art unifies and beautifies a community. Conrad is not only the Art Director of the Downtown Business Alliance, but also a successful painter, whose large paintings dot the map across Utah and a few other states.
J.R. What have you been up to these days?
C.N. These past few weeks I have been involved in setting up the “art chase,” which is a special edition of the gallery stroll. We encourage locals to go around to every single art gallery, and you are entered in a drawing to win prizes if you go to all seventeen galleries.
J.R. Where do you see downtown Provo in five years?
C.N. In five years? I want to see it as bustling as any downtown can be. I’d like to see everything full. I’d like to see artwork up in public places. I’d like to see Center Street really grow in the gallery stroll to really get people going to not only appreciate the arts, but also support local businesses as well.
J.R. What is your personal favorite part of downtown Provo?
C.N. I’d say the old buildings. Unfortunately, in the past some have been taken down. We try and help restore old ones to their historic nature and help local businesses and galleries move in. A recent study showed that 17% of these historic buildings are vacant.
J.R. Word on the street is, your favorite TV show is The Office. What character is most like you, and why?
C.N. I relate best with Andy…dumb pranks, and kind of obtuse humor.
J.R. Do the clothes make the man?
C.N. Yes, they do.
J.R. What else do you want the world to know?
C.N. Art is the integral part of a successful downtown, and it’s great to see people get excited as they get involved with it. I personally am excited for the downtown; it has a lot going for it. The arts are just a great way to communicate with people and create a unity that is self-sustaining, and it keeps people involved within that community.

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